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※ 100% light blocking: This privacy window film can make your room as dark as night in daylight – darker than curtains, ideal for someone who needs a day's sleep and 100% privacy, no need to worry about being spied on by passersby and neighbors, no more barking pets. ★★★★★ Window Film Privacy Level.
※ No adhesive application: static adhesion without adhesive, no chemical glue, super easy application to smooth window glass surface and removal without any residue. Also, it can be reused if there is no damage to smooth surfaces.
※ Anti-UV Heat Control: This blackout window film helps reduce heat and block 99% of UV rays during hot summer, highly protects your furniture from color fading, and keeps your skin warm, making you feel cooler inside.
Size: 100cm x90cm
If you order 1 pcs it means 45cm X100cm
                      2 pcs it means 45cm X200cm
                      3 pcs it means 45cm X300cm
                 up to 10 pcs it means 45cm X1000cm
very important
If you buy 1pc, you'll get a roll. One roll= 45cm x 100cm
If you buy 2pcs, you'll get a roll. One roll= 45cm x 200cm
If you buy 3pcs, you'll get a roll. One roll= 45cm x 300cm
If you buy 10pcs, you'll get a roll. One roll= 45cm x 1000cm
Installation Tips: ▲ Make sure the window surface, edges, and corners are clean enough without any dust and remember to remove the clear protective film before installation; ▲ Please remove the supporting protective film when applying; ▲ Please spray plenty of soap water on the window surface and back window film during installation for effective fixing.
*Please allow plus-minus measuring error, color differences each purchase you make*
Note: total meter purchased will be roll together in 1 roll uncut

Window Frosted space Privacy Window Film Pattern Self-adhesive Static Glass Film

SKU: space tinting
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